Therapy is suitable if you feel like you’d like a face to face chat, particularly if you have severe symptoms and feel a recording won’t be personalised enough for you. Or if you can’t find a recording that covers your condition or symptoms.

Therapy sessions involve an online face to face discussion to better understand your concerns, followed by a personalised hypnotherapy session. This simply involves helping you into in a deeply relaxed state, and giving you positive suggestions, tailored to you, to help you make positive changes. Most people feel better straight after one session, but more may be required for long term change. There is an option to get a personalised recording after the session too, as a supplement and ‘top up’. If you feel you want more sessions, these can be booked directly via email or Whatsapp.

Please visit the FAQs for more information on hypnosis & hypnotherapy and what a session would be like or¬†get in touch if you’d like to ask any questions.

How does Therapy work?

I’ll be in touch to arrange your online appointment at a time that suits you. This will usually last between 60 -90 minutes. You’ll need to have somewhere to sit or lie¬†comfortably for that time, and know you won’t be disturbed. You’ll also need a laptop or phone so we can see each other.

During the therapy session, we’ll have a chat about whatever is concerning you, then we’ll do some hypnotherapy work, when you are comfortable. This just involves me talking to you in a slow deliberate way, to get you in a relaxed state and to give you positive suggestions, tailored to you.

When the therapy session is finished, you’ll be fully awake and back to your normal self. You’ll likely remember everything that was said to you and you should feel incredibly relaxed. You can choose to book more sessions or not. If you have also ordered the optional personalised recording, I’ll send that to you within a week.

Find out more about how hypnotherapy and a hypnotherapy session works here.

What Fuzzyhead can help with

The areas that specialise in are listed below. They can all be treated with hypnotherapy. If you have a concern that isn’t listed please get in touch and we can discuss. You can also contact me with any questions.

Feeling anxious?

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Feeling alone?

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Struggling to sleep?

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Grief & Bereavement

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Irritable bowel syndrome

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Habit breaking

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Panic attacks

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