It’s normal to feel isolation sometimes and during covid lockdown and with social distancing these feelings are exacerbated. If you are unable to recognise these feelings as temporary or they are accompanied with feelings of inadequacy or low self esteem then it might be time to seek help.

Isolation can be described as constantly feeling lonely or alone, separated from others, even when you’re amongst others in social situations. As well as feeling separate from, and different to, others often people also feel inferior/lack confidence in themselves and feel others may be avoiding them or don’t like them.

When these feelings persist longer term, there can be negative impacts to a person’s physical and emotional health. Increased stress levels drive up cortisol in the body leading to higher risks of type 2 diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure.

Impact from covid and social distancing

This is a particularly difficult time for everyone – the effects of the covid pandemic have been long and wide ranging. Having our social contact reduced and movements restricted have resulted in a whole range of feelings and emotions as people trying to adapt to the changed ways of living. As well as loneliness there are increased signs of insomnia, anger, emotional exhaustion, depression and signs of post-traumatic stress.

Things you can do for yourself

Accepting that changes in social contact, at least as a result of the covid crisis, are likely to be temporary. Even if restrictions are left in place, new ways of living will develop, human nature will find a way to re-establish connections.

Find ways to connect with your existing network of friends, family, acquaintances. Setup an online neighbourhood quiz, have a zoom party, send a letter or email to an old friend and reconnect. Making small changes like this can be immediate mood lifters.

Try not to compare yourself to others – step away from the social media posts that show idyllic lives – these don’t reflect reality and can lead to feeling of low self worth if you feel your life is less fulfilling.

Love yourself and what you have – easy to say, but try to take joy in the small things every day.

How can hypnotherapy help?

Each individuals triggers and experiences are different, and therapy can be tailored to the individual, however the general themes that are covered in the Isolation Readymade include:

– Help you to feel more relaxed and reduce the anxiety associated with the loneliness

– Help you to understand and change negative thought patterns to help you to worry less

– Give positive suggestions to encourage you to find ways to reconnect with people

Here is an article on how hypnotherapy can help on the National Council for Hypnotherapy website.

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How can we help?

1. The Isolation Readymade recording can be downloaded and listened to right now. See the Readymades page for more information.

3. I can also create a Tailored recording for you if you have specific concerns you want addressed or want a more personalised service.

4. Don’t want a recording? Consider a 1:1 online hypnotherapy session (with optional personalised top up recording).


The Isolation Readymade is designed to bring about long term changes – to help you cope with the isolation you feel now and to help you take steps to feel less isolated in the future.

Easy to use, listen at a time that’s good for you. (31 mins)

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Tailored recordings are designed to give you a personalised recording that is tailored to you and your situation. Loosely based on the Readymades, I’ll ask you to provide more information to help me personalise the recording for you.

Read more about what’s involved in the tailored section or get in touch if you have  questions.

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If you  might feel you want to talk through your concerns, rather than use a recording, you can book an online 1:1 Therapy session. 

If you order at the same time,  you can also get a Tailored recording at a reduced price, to supplement your Therapy session. The Tailored recording will be created and available for download within a week of your session. Find out more about tailored recordings here.

Find out more about what is involved for a Therapy session on the therapy page or get in touch if you have questions. If you want to go ahead, use the Buy Now button below.

1:1 Therapy session of approximately 60-90 mins

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1:1 Therapy session + Tailored recording

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